Walking Donegal | Guided walks by Seamus Doohan

Dear Seamus, We are back in Seattle now, overcoming jet lag….reflecting on the day that we spent with you. Our day with you was the highlight of our trip to Donegal. We were and are in awe of all the dimensions that you brought to our time: historical, cultural, archeological, linguistic and spiritual…all in the course of moving around and through that beautiful landscape! We admire your talent and also your wisdom at being able to balance your electricial work with your passion for hillwalking. We have been listening to the music of the Clannad group…loving it! We went to dinner at Kitty Kelly’s and mentioned your name to the lady proprietor. She is also an admirer of yours! We look at the photos from that day and cannot believe that you had the energy to cover as many special spots! You mentioned the poem that one of your other clients wrote…if you can share it, we would love to read her writing! Seamus, you gave us so much more than we expected in just one day. In addition, your willingness to come all the way to Donegal to pick us up and return us at day’s end, meant that the amount of time spent by you that day was huge! We would like to express our appreciation by sending you more money. Can you provide us with your mailing address? We left Donegal with the desire to return for MORE! We are hoping to plan a trip with our family in the summer of 2021. Hopefully you will still be doing “walking Donegal” work!! Thank you for all that you gave us on 4/10/2019…a very special way to experience Donegal, made possible by you. Sincerely, Tracy and Tom Garland

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