“Breath-taking, awe inspiring and sumptuous – these would be some of the words I’d use to describe walking in Donegal. Having a knowledgeable and experienced guide like Séamus Doohan along with you certainly adds to the experience and I would highly recommend him. I’ve being on all different types of walks with him and they are always a good buzz.

Séamus is personable, patient and professional. His knowledge and stories about the area (history, folkllore, nature, anecdotes, etc) really add to the enjoyment of a walk. As I find it hard to get my (lazy) friends out walking, it’s great to be able to go in a group and Séamus ensures there is a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere and that there is a bit of banter and craic between everyone. He also knows where to get a good bowl of soup and a nice pint afterwards, which believe me, is very important after a wet day on the hills!

I’ve being on a good few group walks with him (Cresslough Railway Line, Miners path, McSwynes loop, etc,) and they have all being excellent experiences. He also knows a lot of amazing walks that I would not have found otherwise- Loch Salt walk and Dooish are my personal favourites – these are amazing walks. A small group of my friends were up from Galway and we hired Séamus because we wanted a more challenging walk, as we are getting into hill walking in a more serious way. He took us from Muckish to the Aghla’s, which is indeed challenging ( part of it is aptly nicknamed ‘heart-attack hill’) and simply breath-taking! As we aren’t competent in navigation yet, it was great to have an experienced guide to take us safely along the route (it was a wet and misty day too). Also is great to have someone to set a suitable pace and to keep a good atmosphere going.

I’d highly recommend Séamus Doohan as a walking guide.”
Galway and Donegal