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guided walks Atlan Farm Donegal

An authentic Donegal experience

As well as making sure your walk is both pleasurable and enjoyable, I want to ensure you gain an authentic experience of Donegal.

I have a thorough knowledge of the rich culture and unique history of the region. I can tell you about the place names and landmarks we come across during the walk, and share stories, history, mythology, social history and folklore that relate to them. You can learn a bit about the locality, and there is sure to be a few local anecdotes and yarns thrown in. You can even learn a cúpla focal Gaeilge!

An Ghaeilge

Is cainteoir dúchas mé. Beidh lúcháir orm an Ghaeilge a úsáid mar theanga na siúlóide!

Learn about Donegal’s Flora and Fauna

The region is teeming with animal and plant life. I can enlighten you about the flora and fauna of the area. On some walks we may see deer, golden eagles, foxes, badgers and other animal life. On coastal walks especially during the summer months, it is not uncommon to see basking sharks, porpoises or dolphins. We will come across many plants, flowers and insect life.

My Goal

My goal is to make your walk a happy, enjoyable and memorable one. I can offer a wide range of tailor-made walks that suit all tastes and abilities regardless of fitness or experience – from gentle, leisurely strolls; to more energetic walks; to arduous treks that challenge the levels of your endurance.

People walk for many different reasons: for the scenery; to get away from the pressures of modern living; to get closer to nature; to build up fitness; to have a bit of ‘craic’ as part of a group – there are innumerable reasons. Whatever your reasons are, I can tailor a walk to suit them!