How to Treat Cold Injuries,

The body works best within a range of temperatures,  if the body’s is either too low or too high the body’s cells cannot function properly, this can be serious and in severe cases fatal.

Hypothermia can be mild, moderate or severe and can be caused by environmental exposure, the body loses heat 30 times faster in cold water or in wet conditions, young children and the elderly are most vulnerable to hypothermia.

Mild Hypothermia, Temp below 35*C or below,

Casualty will feel cold and shivery, will be conscious and will have cool body.


Prevent further heat loss, and remove from cold environment, remove and replace wet clothing,try to re-warm the casualty slowly, give the casualty warm drinks but not tea/coffee and give high energy food

Severe Hypothermia, Temp below 33* C or below,

Casualty may have altered conscious level, no shivering, have sluggishness, have a slow weak pulse and may become unconsciousness and lead to death.


Prevent further heat loss, remove from cold environment, remove and replace wet clothing,  try to insulate the casualty with blankets or covers, Severe hypothermia requires medical attention.